End of Year Assessments

Year 7-9 End of Year Assessments

This academic year, we return to running a wider range of end of year assessments for our KS3 students. Students will be supported in their preparations by teachers in lessons but also through their head of year, in their assemblies and with revision skills through the tutor time programme. This undoubtedly can be a stressful time for students, rest assured we have plans in place to support them at each stage of the process. These assessments provide us key information on how much of the academy’s curriculum your child has learned and where we need to provide support for children that have not retained this key information.

  • The KS3 assessment window begins on the 27th of June and will end on Friday 15th of July.
  • GL progress and reading (NGRT) assessments will also be conducted during this window. These are externally marked assessments that show your child’s progress through KS3.
  • Exams in the hall will be no longer than one hour and have been spread over three weeks to reduce the demands on the students.
  • Where subjects aren’t running exams, they will conduct assessments in class during this period, or students will complete portfolios of work for the more practical subjects.

Our aim is to provide you, as parents and carers, a full picture of your child’s progress at the end of this academic year. If you have any concerns, please contact us here.