In mathematics at Ormiston Denes Academy, we believe that students’ chances of success are maximised if they develop deep and lasting understanding of mathematical procedures and concepts. Our curriculum is developing to prioritise critical knowledge and gradually builds understanding over time, interleaving concepts at every opportunity. It is underpinned by the principles of cognitive science.

We have introduced a curriculum for students which will progress further over the coming 4 years. The content of this curriculum is divided into four broad strands. Complete coverage will take a student from the start of Year 7 to full coverage of all higher GCSE content by the end of Year 11. The curriculum content is cross referenced against the National Curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4 to ensure compliance, but exceeds these content requirements in places, because we believe it is our duty to inspire young people to see the beauty of mathematics as well as gaining a qualification.

We regularly run Ormiston Academies Trust Matholympics Challenges. This is a collection of seasonal mathematical challenges open to students from Year 7 to Year 9 across the trust. Students use mathematical skills, logical reasoning and thinking creatively, to complete the challenges with a chance to win prizes.

We aim to enrich the experiences of all students, by incorporating wider world mathematics at every opportunity. This includes Mathematics in Nature as well as other elements of science, cultural mathematics and everyday use such as finance and problem solving.

Mathematics offers a pathway into the world of work and further study. Gaining a good GCSE Mathematics qualification is essential in order for students to take their place in the 21st century real world, we believe in encouraging all students at every opportunity to be the best mathematician they can.

As we move away from the pandemic, we will be looking to arrange mathematics based trips relevant to all year groups, as well as inviting in guest speakers.