Our aim is for students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful young historians.  For students to achieve this, and to develop the skills needed for further study, we want them to understand how to analyse events; to differentiate between cause and consequence; continuity and change; and to weigh up the significance of factors and events.

We want:

  • Students to be able to write narrative accounts that lead to justified conclusions. 
  • Students to understand how historians work and be able to use source materials to construct their own answers and questions.
  • To spark student’s curiosity about the past and reflect on how history affects their sense of identity and the world around them.

Our aim is for students to have a coherent understanding of the history of England from 1066 to the modern era.  We also want students to develop an understanding of world history.

The history department runs a lunchtime club.  Students will have the opportunity to take part in national competitions based around the study of history and historical fiction.  At Key Stage 4 we run an after school session for any students needing support.