Religious Education

We want students to be prepared for adult life in an increasingly interconnected world and a country that has a diverse range of beliefs. 

To achieve this, we want students to gain knowledge and understanding of the beliefs and practices of the world’s major religions. We want the students to develop their ability to analyse and contextualise religious teachings, rituals and experiences.  We want students to be able to express their own views at the same time as respecting the views of other people.

In order to help students make sense of complex moral issues, we study a range of key philosophical thinkers and religious writing on contemporary religious and ethical debates. Students should have the knowledge and evaluation skills to reach their own conclusions, based on evidence and argument.

We also want students to understand the basics of philosophical thought and argument.  We aim to teach students how to understand basic philosophical ideas and how to structure their own arguments.

We run lunch time drop-in sessions for Key Stage 4 students who want support with their work.