Our core belief is that  everyone has the right to learn in a safe and supportive environment, free from prejudice. We look to prevent and reduce incidents of bullying by supporting the victim and challenging and re-educating the bully.

Bullying is defined as repetitive, intentional harming of one person, or a group of people, which involves an imbalance of power and an absence of remorse. We recognise that bullying can be of different types, which include:

  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Financial
  • Sexual
  • Cyber

Whilst bullying is not a breakdown of a friendship/relationship, an isolated incident or between two individuals of equal power, we acknowledge the distress and anxiety this may cause, and will work with each party to try and establish an acceptable resolution.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance has some helpful resources and tips around “banter or bullying”.

In each case, we set out to prevent and challenge bullying, and raise the awareness of the impact it has through the following means:

  • Form tutor
  • Year team
  • Safeguarding officer
  • Raising achievement support
  • Academy nurse
  • Academy counsellor
  • Any member of staff
  • Restorative conversations and meetings with students and/or their parents/carers
  • Raising achievement workshop for bullies to re-educate them about their behaviour and choices
  • Raising achievement support for victims of bullying
  • Monitoring of ICT accounts
  • Compulsory catch up
  • Internal and external exclusion
  • In person – to any member of staff
  • Online (CEOP red button
  • Email your year team or tutor
  • Through your student leadership representative

We have created an in-house reporting system our students can use. The system is anonymous so you can report any concerns about yourself or someone you are worried about. The system is monitored real time by our safeguarding team. Students can report any safeguarding concerns electronically at any time, whether during or outside of the school day.

ODA’s anonymous Google form, here

CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre)

If you are feeling worried or threatened online by something that happens to you, you can report directly to CEOP. They are part of the national crime agency and read every report. They will work with the police and help solve or deal with any problem.

Click to make a report to CEOP

  • Anti-bullying assemblies
  • Anti-bullying ambassadors
  • Student leadership team
  • Form time programme on topics such as LGBT, young carers, mental health and Black History Month

Click below to download or view our Anti-bullying Tips for Parents and Carers booklet.

Click below to download or view our equality and diversity statement poster. You might also find the information on our equality statement page useful.